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...  I Will Write A Song For You!
A bespoke songwriting venture to keep us all busy and hopefully cheered up during these isolated times...
I'm so excited to share a recent idea I had with you. It's by no means a new idea, but it struck me that at times like these ideas like this come into their own. It was day something of staying at home. I had finally completed the immense backlog of music admin I had been meaning to do for months but been too busy to do whilst excessively touring. I had cleaned the house, planted some veggies, done some much needed practise of new songs, and finally unpacked and sorted the boot of the Mini from it's final gig voyage in London.
In my native habitat, undisturbed, I can be a fairly prolific songwriter. However I had found that ever since things had got busy with the release of my debut album last year, I just hadn't found the time to focus on the all important songwriting in between the consistent touring and all the other admin I suddenly found myself doing.
And so here I was, here we all were - suddenly with some time off and no excuses. And with every piece of seemingly gloomy news from the media, and every cursory glance at my dwindling bank account, I felt more and more that this might just be something enterprising that I could offer, not least some hope in the gloom - especially now it seemed that most of us had all suddenly aquired lots of time potentially!
In the meantime, out of the blue, I had received a couple of very kind impromptu donations from folk who had liked my music and felt that it had meant something to them enough to wish to give me something back. I found this enourmously touching, and immediately wanted to give something back myself! (I've always been quite shy of accepting donations, if I haven't seemingly "done anything" for them!) And so later that same day I had this sudden interesting idea to write a song specifically for these people - after all, music is the medium that connected us all in the first place.
Then I thought I could take it a step further, why not put my good (and now fairly plentiful) time to use, whilst honing my craft, flexing my creative muscles, and designing songs, or songletts (sic) for a reasonable fee, dependant of course on the scale of the song project.
I happen to have access to a decent semi-profesional home recording set-up, so I would first get an idea of what the person wanted, plus the type of mood and pace, and then dive head first into writing a song for them, which would then be recorded in a fairly simple format, then sent over to the person in whatever form they wanted it.
I have created a form, below, to gain a better understanding of the type of song a song receiver might be looking for, and once that has been received I will take payment, and then just get on with writing it to the agreed timescale.
I am currently offering that a bespoke song will cost from £55 upwards, and as well as that, (just because) - I have arranged that my first 2 customers will get 20% off, making it £44. (Nb. previous donors are already eligible for a song!!)
And so with that, hopefully for a not too extortionate fee, I can continue creating, as well as being able to offer a simple handmade music service that will keep the creativity flowing, and hopefully keep me from eating Whiskas for dinner (at least not every night anyway)..
If this feels like something you might be intersted in at all, then please use this form below to get in touch with me and describe your song requirements and we can take it from there. It might be a song for you, for a friend, or just for the sake of it - either way fill out the form and then just leave the rest with me!
Yours in musical solidarity, stay well, safe and happy,

Please note I will respond by email first to discuss the song with you and make sure I know your requirements before accepting any payment!

Thank you for helping me in this venture and I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Please complete this form to send in your song enquiry: